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The Smoothie Diet: Does It Really Work?

July 18, 2020 7 min read

The Smoothie Diet: Does It Really Work?

The Smoothie Diet: Can You Transform Your Life In Just 3 Weeks?

by EliteFit

We're sure if you're reading this article, you've already tried many a fad diet and weight loss program.  Here we are going to introduce you to a healthy & delicious alternative to all those fad diets, that let's face it, just don't work!  The Smoothie Diet is a Custom 3 week weight loss schedule, that can be repeated again and again, not just for the initial 21-Day period.
In this article we will cover:
  • What Is The Smoothie Diet?
  • How The Smoothie Diet Works
  • Benefits Of The Smoothie Diet
  • What's Included In The Smoothie Diet
  • How Much Does The Smoothie Diet Cost
  • Is The Smoothie Diet Suitable For Anyone?
It can be incredibly daunting started a new weight loss schedule, wondering will it work or not, and if you will really lose those unwanted extra pounds.  With The Smoothie Diet, and a little bit of dedication, you can watch the fat melt away while you enjoy some delicious smoothies.
So let's dive right in..

What is The Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is a 3 Week Weight Loss and Health Improvement program, created by Drew Sgoutas, a recognized professional Health Coach.  Drew used his knowledge as a Health Coach to devise a weight loss program that delivers rapid results.
The plan is centered around replacing certain meals with the smoothie recipes provided, whilst ensuring your weekly nutritional levels are reached, to maintain energy levels and ensure maximum results. 
The Smoothie Diet is a 21-Day plan, designed to give you visible results.  When the 21-Day plan is complete, you can incorporate what you have learned into your daily diet so that the weight stays off.  The Smoothie Diet is more than just a diet program, it is a complete life transformation.

How The Smoothie Diet Works

The 3 week Smoothie Diet Plan, is based around each smoothie being consumed at a certain time and frequency each day.  It is a plan worth several hundred dollars, that has been used by Drew Sgoutas' clients, so you know it is an effective way to shift those excess pounds.
Two meals a day are replaced with delicious and easy to follow Smoothie Recipes, and for your third meal, you are still able to have one solid meal, and a few snacks in between.  It is important to note that the one solid meal, should be healthy and balanced so you stay on track with your plan.  You will receive recommendations on what is suitable to consume for these meals and snacks.
The nutrient and ingredient ratios vary from week to week, to make sure the weight keeps coming off, and most importantly, stays off.  The author, Drew, has researched specific ingredients with the most effective nutrient properties to ensure maximum effectiveness from the program.
Once you have purchased your Smoothie Diet Book, you simply replace certain meals with smoothies.  Follow the exact ingredients for each, and at the exact time each day.  This is essential in achieving your goal in the 3 week period.

Benefits Of The Smoothie Diet

We've looked at how it all works, and our Elitefit Team have tried and tested it, now let's see what the real benefits of this Smoothie Diet are:

Dramatic Weight Loss

Whether you need to shift that last 5-10lbs, or you're looking to lose 40lbs or more, this diet will work for you.  It is a realistic, yet effective weight loss schedule, ensuring you maintain a consistent weight loss over the coming weeks. 
The plan takes into account your weight, height and age, to provide you with the most effective calorie deficit plan.  Each ingredient and nutrient content is carefully selected, to enhance the effectiveness of the program and get you to your weight loss goals!

Stabilize Blood Sugar Level

By consuming smoothies high in protein or healthy fats, the absorption of food is slower.  This reduces the speed at which sugar enters the bloodstream.  This is also important in helping to maintain muscle mass, also aiding blood sugar regulation.
The Smoothie Diet can also be extremely beneficial to those with diabetes, as it includes fiber, protein and healthy fat.  The Smoothie Diet Book features Green Smoothies, to help reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes to a huge extent by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Great Way To Control Cravings

The Smoothie Diet is a brilliant way to curb those everyday cravings.  Each smoothie contains natural sugars, healthy fats, fiber and protein, helping you stay fuller for longer.  Meaning you won't go raiding the cupboards for that next sugary treat!
After 3 weeks of this program, you"ll essentially no longer have the desire for those regular snacks, resulting in not just your desired weight loss, but also the total life transformation you've always desired.

3 Pounds In 3 Days Banner

Detox Your Body

Smoothies contain a plethora of nutrient rich ingredients.  Meaning they can be a great way to detoxify your body and get rid of all those toxins.  Certain fruits and vegetables are particularly detoxifying, and can help to cleanse your blood and help your liver to get rid of toxins more efficiently.

Improved Digestion

The Green Smoothies included in The Smoothie Diet combine fresh leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, celery or collard greens.  These greens are alkaline foods so meaning they will aid any discomfort of acid reflux or heartburn.​
Another important thing to note is that fruits and vegetables in liquid form are easier for your body to break down the nutrients and digest them.  Some ingredients can be great if you suffer from IBS or other digestive issues for this reason.  It is also essential that when drinking your smoothie, to take your time, as the digestion process starts in your mouth.
On top of this, many people experience improved mood, more energy, clearer skin, better sleep, and a sharper mind.  You're only 21 Days away, and the plan comes with a 60 Day Guarantee - so even if you feel it's not for you, you have a guaranteed safety net.

Smoothie Diet

What's Included In The Smoothie Diet

What's Included in The Smoothie Diet

When you purchase your Smoothie Diet, you will receive a range of excellent tools to help you on your weight loss journey.  You will receive an Instant Download of everything you need, to keep on your phone or tablet and take with you anywhere you go.
On top of receiving your 21-Day Program, you will also receive:
  • Over 36 Delicious Fat Melting Smoothie Recipes
  • Weekly Shopping Lists To Ensure You Have Everything You Need
  • Full Swap List To Easily Substitute Certain Foods
  • Complete Smoothie Making Prep Guide & Tips
  • BONUS MATERIAL: The 3-Day Smoothie Detox (To clear out the 'cobwebs' before you start the 21-Day Program)
  • BONUS MATERIAL: Quick Start Guide (If you just want to dive right in with a condensed version of the entire Program)

How Much Does The Smoothie Diet Cost

The entire plan comes in at an extremely reasonable $47 - but for Elitefit Store Subscribers and Customers you can receive $10 OFF for a Limited Time Only.  Meaning you receive everything you need to start your new life for only $37!
So are you ready to make that change, have more energy, and have a better quality of life?  If the answer is yes, then simply click HERE to get started today.
The Smoothie Diet is also backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, so if for any reason, you decide the plan isn't for you, you can simply get your Money Back!

Is The Smoothie Diet Suitable For Anyone?

The Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet is suitable for most people, but it may not be suitable for everyone.  As with starting any new diet, we recommend consulting your doctor before beginning any program to discuss whether it is beneficial for you.
If you have a medical condition of any kind that you think will be affected by switching up or limiting your caloric intake, please consult a professional before starting this plan.
However, it is a fantastic diet for those who wish to stabilize their blood sugar, detox their body, and lose that unwanted weight in a healthy and delicious way.


If you've been tirelessly searching for a way to shift those extra pounds or a way to give you lifestyle an overhaul, then look no further - The Smoothie Diet is extremely practical, and a great way to introduce or get more fruits and vegetables into your diet.
The Smoothies included in the plan are designed to be low in calories and rich in phytonutrients.  Unlike most other diets or weight loss programs, The Smoothie Diet doesn't require any sort of calorie counting, or keeping a daily food diary.  Each week is laid out in a way that your calories are limited to suit your goals, whilst still getting those vital nutrients your body needs. 
For a Limited Time Only, Elitefit Store Customers and Subscribers can receive their Complete 21-Day Smoothie Diet Plan for ONLY $37 (usually $47) so click HERE to get started today.


Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial

 I've been trying forever to try and lose that last 10-15lbs and with no luck!  It's exactly what's happened with this plan, and I couldn't be happier.  I don’t find myself holding in my belly anymore, I feel so confident, and people have noticed that about me too...and my love handles are gone! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose a little or lose a lot.  - Lisa Hunter, UK




Customer Review I have just completed the Smoothie Diet, and it's been brilliant.  It's very easy to get into, after only a few days I felt great, full of energy! I will continue to have smoothies every day as it's now a way of life for me. If you are looking to lose weight and make a healthy life change then try this, - I couldn't have asked for more - thanks for everything!  - Michael Thornton, US


Customer Review

 Getting into this diet was so easy and the results were so fast. After only 1 week on the Smoothie Diet I weighed myself and realized I had lost 8 pounds! I feel better and more confident than I have in a very long time, I don't have to suck in my stomach to button my pants anymore and I still have to stop to do a double take everytime I walk in front of a mirror.  - Anne Wagner, US


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